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The Company

F.lli Conti Srl is a Company specialised in the production and final packaging of a diverse variety of citrus fruits such as: Navel, Tarocco, Mandarins, Ciaculli Mandarins, Clementines, Nova and Tacle.

The Company was founded in 1976 as an individual firm and in 1995 it became a Limited company yet still remaining a strong family business.

All products are labelled with the “Papillon Royal” Hallmark a symbol of high quality.
F.lli Conti Srl (Ltd Co.) produces approximately 40% of its own products thanks to the various plots of land it owns around the “Piana di Catania”, a very fertile and well known area for the production of exquisite red Sicilian oranges.

Our professionalism guarantees a very high quality product through a constant and scrupulous check that follows the fruit in all stages of its life, from seeding to final packaging.

The Company employs approximately 150 specialised personnel and this allows the daily production of circa 110,000 Kilos of finished goods, all achieved by the use of state-of-the-art machinery, which increases production levels whilst maintaining the quality and uniformity of the final product.

The products are available in the following formats:-

  • In their natural state
  • Boxed-up
  • Properly packaged

Deliveries are crucial and for this very reason the F.lli Conti Srl uses only reliable and very punctual transport firms equipped with the latest tracking-record facilities.  All deliveries are carried out in compliance with Health & Hygiene regulations.

Based on 30 years’ experience the F.lli Conti Srl company puts its Customers at the top of its priorities, listening to their ever changing demands and needs without ever putting in jeopardy the superb quality of a  “Papillon Royal” product.  

F.lli Conti Paternò S.r.l.

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