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Quality Papillon Royal

Papillon Royal” is a hallmark of excellence and for the last 30 years it has represented a guarantee of very high quality.
Experience and passion have been the two main ingredients which have made our Company a nationwide player satisfying our customers’ needs and their most diverse requirements.
The “Papillon Royal” orange stands out for its goodness and deliciousness. 
We always make sure that every single product is worthy of the hallmark and constantly monitor very closely all production elements from cultivation right through to final packaging. 
The F.lli Conti Srl guarantee of quality is also achieved thanks to tracking device system facilities which are imperative to comply with required Health and Safety Standards.


One of our primary objectives is to achieve at any cost what we call Global Quality. This can only be possible through a rigorous selection process at every stage. 

Land Selection

The quality of “Papillon Royal” oranges is achieved after an intensive search of specific plantations and areas, in fact our products are produced in the “Piana di Catania”, a well-known area for the production of “red Sicilian oranges”.The soil and the climate make this area very unique and its products unique in the world.
The plots of land are then checked through specific chemical analysis and manuring treatment is considered.  All of these measures are taken to make sure that at the end we have a “safe” orange.


Before picking starts, every plant is carefully examined to make sure that the fruits adhere to certain parameters such as: Sugar, Juiciness, Acidity, Ripeness and Physical Structure.  After this operation handpicking can begin.
The picking is done with the help of small baskets to protect the fruits from damage.
Here once again, the fruits are scrupulously checked.

Selection during the processing work

Once picked, the fruits start their journey by going through special machinery, always under the competent eye of skilled personnel.
All products are completely treated within 48 hours of being picked so that they can reach our consumers’ tables in perfect and fresh condition.
The product is sorted by internal/external quality and aesthetics of the fruit, and a very high standard of health and hygiene regulations is always maintained.
Treating the final product with wax-water procedures once again maintains the quality of the fruit and allows it to breathe which is vital. 


We at F.lli Conti Srl care very much about product packaging.
We only use the best packaging material suppliers, using materials which can’t damage our fruits whilst maintaining a high degree of protection during transportation.
Specialised personnel who have operated in this department for more than 30 years carry out this packaging task.


  …and all of this is done in the glorious sunshine of Sicily...

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