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Consumers - The word of the consumer
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• What are the main characteristics of an orange that has been picked?

o The peduncle must be of an intense green colour and the pores on the peel are very noticeable whilst a thin and soft membrane covers the pulp.

• How do you keep an orange?

o To keep an orange well simply avoid temperature fluctuations. Ideal places to keep oranges are where temperature is between 8-10 degrees Centigrade. Another important tip is to keep oranges away from kiwis and apples as these fruits produce ethylene which hinders the ripening process.

• What is the best way to eat an orange?

o Normally large oranges are just eaten naturally whilst smaller ones can be used for various juices. Worldwide experts also advise to use oranges, for their great nutritional properties, as main ingredients for dishes. The choice is yours!

• Does keeping an orange for a prolonged period of time hinder its juiciness, nutritional properties and taste?

o If the fruit is well kept none of its properties are affected. If kept close to other very ripe fruits, the taste of the orange can slightly change and the peel loses some consistency, but this only happens in the medium to long term.

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